As a female competitor, hair & make-up design, selection and application are crucial aspects involved in one’s overall stage presentation. Skinz Stage Team will turn your body into a moving muscle sculpture and give you that edge you require when appearing on stage. Skinz Hair Dressers and Makeup Artists are industry experts who will work together to take the stress out of your preparation and help to create your own flawless signature look. 

Competition Makeup

Regular makeup and stage makeup are two totally different things. Shimmer makeup doesn’t show well on stage, colours don’t look the same under the lights and the cat eyes you may use on a girl’s night out just won’t cut it when you’re up there next to some of the country’s best competitors. A competitor who applies their own makeup or hires an inexperienced makeup artist can often encounter disaster. 

Stage makeup is more elaborate and more colourful with a final result being created by layering specific colours, finishes, matt products & shimmers.  Our team use only the best products such as MAC & Dior and all lashes are applied with hypoallergenic glue, as the skin can be sensitive at competition time. 

Our makeup artists have trained in the appropriate application techniques for stage makeup. They understand that colour selection is extremely important due to the harsh lighting as is a smooth fresh textured finish. Plus with stage lighting being extremely bright and hot, they will use techniques to reduce perspiration, ensuring your makeup doesn’t bleed and lasts all day. 

Competition Hair Design

The quality of your hairstyle can make a huge difference to your look, and it’s not something judges will miss.  A little bit of extra effort in this aspect of your presentation will go a long way to giving you that Pro Athlete look. 

Stage lighting can alter the appearance of more than just your physique – frizzy hair & styles that have not been adequately manicured are magnified by stage lights whilst dull hair absorbs the light and appears flat.  Warm hair colours can glow & look ‘radioactive’ on stage whilst some blonde colours can change shades.  

Correct product use is essential to prevent these things from taking away from your overall presentation.  Skinz Hair Stylists ensure hair designs flatter each competitor’s facial features and physique without distracting the judge’s eye from essential judging elements. 

Natural, full styles (often pinned up a little at one side to assist with posing) are popular however if a competitor opts for an edgy look Skinz will ensure that it complements the appearance and demeanour of the competitor as well as the routine they are performing. Hair clips and extensions can be used for extra volume and length and you can be assured of a seamless blend between your natural hair with the extensions. 




Competition Makeup – $130   Includes one makeup style of your choice from sporty and natural to full glam Diva.  Includes strip lashes.

Competition Hair Design – $110   One style of your choosing including the application of clip-in extensions, curling, straightening, up-styles, half-up styles and full down styles and braiding. Please provide your own clip-in extensions, bun fillers and hair crystals if required and our staff will happily put these in for you.  

Hair & Makeup Package – $230   This package is for those who are not booking with Skinz for their own tanning services and still require our beauty services.  Includes one hair and makeup style as described above. 

Female Works Package – $380  Includes All of your tanning and backstage assistance needs PLUS your competition morning hair and makeup.

Appointment Timing Notes:

  • As exact stage timing and run orders are not confirmed by ICN NSW until the week prior to the show we can not provide you with an appointment time until closer to your show day. Skinz will send you your appointment time the week before the show once the official running/stage times have been announced.  This is usually sent out by us on the Thursday prior to your show.
  • Show 1 tan, hair & makeup are applied in the early morning at a location near the venue starting from 5 am
  • Show 2 tan, hair & makeup are applied backstage at the venue starting from 8 am.
  • Works Package Services require 3 hours and we will aim to have you ready for stage two hours prior to your first run to allow ample time for your costume change and pump-up.  This means Fem-Works clients will begin with us 5 hours prior to your first stage run.

create a signature competition look

We can’t emphasise enough how critical these elements of personal presentation are when it comes to creating the ideal stage presentation.  Let Skinz Stage Team help create a signature competition look for your next competition that leaves you vibrant and radiant when on stage. 

Competing is expensive so make sure you invest wisely and don’t fall into the trap of risking your styling to an inexperienced person. You don’t want to be the competitor who stands out for all the wrong reasons.

With Skinz you can have everything done by the one company, often at the venue, ensuring your day is stress free and with all day touch-ups you can be assured of looking fresh & perfect. 

It’s your big moment in the spotlight to showcase the hard work you have put into your sculpting.  We want you to feel amazing when you walk on stage, absolutely love being there, radiate confidence and know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ve done & look your very best.