Competition Tanning Australia

Competition Tanning is an elite market and differs from your normal ‘every day’ tanning as it needs to stand up to stage lighting whilst enhancing and not hiding your muscle tone.  This significantly darker colour brings along with it a large number of possible problems and it is essential that your tanner fully understands the judgement criteria for each federation and division.

Skinz have developed extensive experience & knowledge in all aspects of the tanning & competition industry and bring you their complete tanning services to ensure you look your best.

 Too often backstage we see so many tanning errors.  

  • Black or ashy tans that will absorb the stage lighting.
  • Green tans from products being incorrectly applied.
  • Red tans resulting in competitors looking like a slab of raw meat.   You should look tanned not skinned!
  • The Golden Logie look from over application of dream tan and other glitter enhanced bronzes.
  • The Oil Slick look that one gets from incorrect application of posing oils
  • The Leprosy look where competitors look like they have a skin disease as the tan is flaking and / or  patching.

don't stand out for all the wrong reasons.

You’ve done all the hard work now it is time to let Skinz do what we do best.

Our professional spray tanners will have you competition ready with our range of competition grade products specifically designed with you in mind. 

Competition Tanning starts at $40 per coat over two days with most clients requiring 4-5 coats all up.  The final colour and amount of coats needed will be dependent on the Federation and Divisions you are competing in.

Please contact us to discuss your competition and division so that we can tailor a package to your specific needs.