Comp Day Top Coat Only* – 2 Coats


*Must have had professional base tan done. Extra will be charged if you arrive too light.

Top coat tanning on comp day is only for those with darker skin types or those who have base tanned themselves.  Includes 2 air brushed coats of tanning solution on comp day plus backstage assistance for posing oil applications & emergency repairs.

Due to current Covid-19 Industry Regulations we are unable to provide our normal full backstage assistance package  & in order to receive any ‘hands on’ emergency tanning repairs you must either provide an application mitt or purchase one from us on the day for $15.

We are able to do the following for you backstage:

  • Glaze/posing oil spray application,
  • Emergency tanning repairs.


We are currently unable to do the following until covid industry restrictions ease:

  • Bikini Bite / suit adhesive,
  • Dream Tan / SunTANon / Creme Bronzer Application
  • Minor Tanning Repairs

*Must have had professional base tan already done prior to the event OR have a very dark skin tone naturally in which case, please contact Skinz prior to booking so that we can ensure that this option is right for you.   Extra will be charged if you arrive too light.